Membership criteria and procedure for associations to join or leave IBDA

IBDA is the international association for the biodynamic movement working in close cooperation with the Demeter trademark licensing and certifying associations which are members of Demeter International e.V. (DI). According to the statutes of IBDA, its general aim is the promotion of biodynamic agriculture. A special aspect of IBDA is its ownership of trademarks like Demeter and Biodynamic. From 2015 onwards the process of becoming a member of IBDA needs specification for transparency reasons.

1. Criteria

Organisations (legal entities) may become member of IBDA.

Members shall be associations which have statutes as well as structures, practice democratic principles and which are founded with a view to the future (not limited in timely existence). A member organisation shall represent the national biodynamic movement. This means in particular a member association elects its leadership periodically. Its board consists of three or more individuals who represent several biodynamic activities such as agriculture, processing, trading, horticulture, gardening and consumer interests. Board members change from time to time acknowledging the association history and allowing new influences to come to bear. Such member associations develop their statutes, by-laws and standing orders in internal dialogues through motions and voting. If there are a number of biodynamic associations in a country, the joint umbrella organisation is the born member of IBDA.

2. Biodynamic organisations in development
The process of becoming a member fulfilling the above criteria may take some time. It is accompanied by a sponsor from the board of IBDA or a competent person nominated by the board of IBDA (ambassador).
The association and its ambassador report about the developments in the country on a yearly basis to the IBDA member assembly.

3. Countries with strong regional biodynamic movements
In countries with a high number of biodynamic practitioners or considerable geographic distance between them which have organised themselves in regions such organisations may also become member of IBDA. This breaks the principle of one national representation. A condition for such kind of membership is the coordination of its activities on the national level with other organisations of the movement.

4. Coordination of biodynamic work on national level
The nature of IBDA implies cooperation and coordination on local, regional, national and international levels. Therefore it is expected that IBDA membership also strengthens regular cooperation of biodynamic and Demeter organisations (certifying) in a country. A token for this cooperation are personal informal contacts of individual practitioners but also meetings on board level.

5. Procedure to become a member of IBDA
Further to the process mentioned in paragraph 2 above the organisation interested in becoming a member of IBDA applies for membership in writing addressed to the board of IBDA or one of its board members. Such application needs to be signed by all board members of the applying organisation. The IBDA board member concerned will draft a report with a recommendation to the board of IBDA having made him/herself knowledgeable following the ambassador related process of 2. above and or other kinds of learning to know each other. The board of IBDA decides with a majority vote on the membership application. The decision to the applying organisations is communicated in writing.

Enacted by the Board: August 20th, 2014

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